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6119 Prentice St, Cincinnati, OH 45227, USA
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Residential Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning Services

Free In-person and Online Consultations

For all of our services, we start by providing a free online or an in-person consultation. This allows us to accurately estimate the cost of your home or business and understand your way of cleaning. During the consultation, we explain our cleaning process for each space, what products are used in certain areas, and our affordable cleaning rates. We also provide a sheet of everyday items we do not typically provide for residential services down below.

Everyday Items For Your Home

  • Tall Kitchen Garbage Bags
  • Toilet Brushes
  • Vacuums

Residential Cleaning Services

We understand that there is more to life than just cleaning your home and we want to take that responsibly off your hands. Our slogan is more than just that; At Sarah’s Cleaning we strive to provide all the necessary residential services needed so you can focus more on your friends and family. Our residential services will maintain the work done during the deep clean and upkeep tidiness and cleanliness of the home with recurring services. These services will help to sustain breathing air while keeping away dust mites and pet dander. We provide all cleaning supplies needed to disinfect and sanitize daily surfaces to keep grime and dust away longer. For All residential services, we highly recommend using the clients vacuum and toilet brushes for regular cleans to prevent cross contamination and travel of dirt, dirt, and grime from home to home.

Schedule Your Cleaning Services With Us

Every household has different schedules and needs and we are here to accommodate each one. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, and monthly services. For all residential cleans, we provide a checklist for every individual task during the free consultation and down below are some highlights of what will be done in your home:

  • Detailed bathroom cleaning
  • Edging floors
  • Changing sheets
  • Light organization
  • Dusting blinds
  • Proper dusting of furniture and items
  • Detailed kitchen cleaning
  • Hospital Department Specific Procedures
  • Cleaning of Offices, Exam Rooms, Surgical Suites, Imaging areas
Our Pricing

Residential Cleaning Rates

Are you looking for more specific numbers to work with as you size up your prospective cleaning service provider? Use this table to get a better idea of the price per square foot that many businesses pay today and how many man hours are typically required to perform the job. Price ranges are based on programs that clean a space three times per week.

Additional Cleaning Services
  • For our recurring services interested in adding our other services, we give a discounted price for the other services. For two or more, we bundle the other services to save you additional money.
  • For deep clean clients who are interested in adding our other services, we provide a discounted price. For two or more, we bundle the other services to save you additional money.
Residential Cleaning Services Price
Recurring Cleans Flat rate based on sq/ft
Deep Cleans Starting @ $20/ hr
Move in/ Move out Cleans Starting @ $30/ hr
One Time Cleans Starting @ $30/ hr
Emergency Cleans Starting @ $40/ hr
Additional Cleaning Services
Laundry Services Starting @ $30 per load
Organization Price varies per job
Tidying Starting @ $20/ hr
Kitchen Appliance Cleaning Starting @ $20/ hr