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6119 Prentice St, Cincinnati, OH 45227, USA
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Promotions & Deals

Your Personalized Cleaning Task: From Us to You

The holiday season is right around the corner, it is a time of spending time with family and giving to others. As a way to contribute our part, we we want to gift you with a free cleaning task. Every recurring client, old or new, will receive one free cleaning task for the holiday season. We want to show how much we appreciate you supporting our small and local cleaning business.

We give each client the choice to have a personalized task picked by us or the client can pick their own task. We have provided regulations for this free cleaning task to the right. 


Our guidelines- 

1. Each task should take up to 1 hour to complete and should be done in a one hour session or two 30 minute sessions

2. The free cleaning task is only available for new or current recurring clients

3. We will give suggestions of personalized cleaning task that are capable of being done within the time frame 

4. To receive the free cleaning task, use the promo code 100FREEPCT 

5. The free cleaning task can be scheduled during any recurring service from November 4th 2022 to December 23rd 2022 

Two Referrals for 20% Off Your Next Clean

Know someone looking for cleaning services? If so, you can save some money on your next clean by referring us to two of your friends, family, co-workers, and/or neighbors. 

In order to qualify for this promotion, it is required that two of the referrals book any cleaning services with us in order for you the get the 20 percent off.  Please be sure to make sure they use your name when they contact us or during the free consultation. This way we can keep track of all of the referral sent by you and we will send you the referral promo code via email or text.  

This promotion is available at any time and does not expire. For more information, please contact us through email or by giving us a call.